The why.

I believe that, if I can help make people’s experiences of their time on Earth a bit more positive, that’s a worthwhile use of my own short time here.

Most of us will spend a huge proportion of our lives at work. Our experiences at work, positive and negative, have a huge impact on how we experience our lives as a whole.

That’s why I help people have better experiences of their work.

The what.

As a freelance consultant, I work with organisations to help them improve their people’s experience of their work. I have two key areas of focus:

Employee Experience (EX) EX is how a person thinks and feels about every interaction they have with an employer. These interactions take place across the entire employee journey from awareness to alumnus, and with all elements of the employee ecosystem, including the organisational culture. It’s a great EX that drives true engagement, enabling talented people to achieve awesome things. Whether you’re looking to define your EX vision, assess your current EX, or create great experiences, I can help you to make your EX work manageable, evidence-based and impactful.

Change Management & Behaviour Change Too often performed as a form of due diligence, Change Management has the potential to make or break your programme. Whether it’s a localised change effort or full transformation, ultimately you need people to do things differently. Psychological models tell us that this requires a change in the way we think and feel. Rather than using ‘behavioural psychology’ and ’neuroscience’ as marketing buzzwords, I use my psychological training to bring more evidence-based approaches to traditional change management, to drive tangible, positive change.

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