Several years ago, I graduated from University and entered the ‘world of work’. As I headed out the door on my first day as a business analyst, I had expectations of learning about business process, systems and strategy. And whilst I have learnt a lot about those over the years since, and have enjoyed that learning, it wasn’t my biggest revelation.

Instead, I discovered that people, and their habits and behaviours, have an immense impact on the success of individuals, teams, and even whole companies. For example I saw how egos could get in the way of good ideas, how a bit of praise could bring out undiscovered skills, and how a single sentence from a CEO could kill or reignite a business’ passion.

People are at the centre of every business. And at the centre of people, and their habits and behaviours, is the mind. Our mind dictates how we make decisions, how we feel about the world around us, how we interact with others… The list goes on!

Mind and Co. is a space to explore and share ideas and learnings on how this mysterious mind works, and how it impacts both individual happiness and company success.

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