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My next Mindfulness Course is kicking off on 2nd March 2022

See below to find out more, book your place, or sign up to hear about future courses

Course overview

Research has shown that people who are more mindful are generally happier and report fewer symptoms of depression and less anxiety, stress, and worry.

So, if practising mindfulness holds such powerful potential for our wellbeing, why aren’t we all doing it every day?

I believe one reason is that we often need more guidance and support than simply reading a book or downloading an app.

This course is designed to help you understand the science behind mindfulness and develop or re-start your practice, in a structured way with the support of a small group.

Who’s the course for?

It could be perfect for you if:
– You’re curious about mindfulness and want to know what all the fuss is about
– You’ve tried meditation or mindfulness before, but it didn’t stick
– You want to understand the psychology behind mindfulness, and approach it in a science-based way
– You experience stress, anxiety or overwhelm and are curious about how mindfulness could help

What’s included?

We’ll be using a combination of:
Live sessions run on Zoom in small groups
Independent ‘homework’ practise and exercises
Peer support via a private online community
A workbook, summarising session content and recording your learning and practice
Group coaching sessions, where we’ll check in and support each other after core sessions have ended

The most important thing about being part of the course is that you can commit to attending live sessions, engaging with the homework practice, and sharing your experiences as we go along.

Sessions and schedule

The programme consists of 8 core sessions, each focusing on a different core element of mindfulness, followed by 2 group coaching sessions over the following months.

Each core session will include taught content, group exercises and discussion, and a meditation.

For the next course, sessions will run on Wednesdays, 5.30-7.30pm GMT. The core sessions will run approximately weekly, while the group coaching sessions will run over the next few months. See the table for the full schedule.

Days and times will vary for future courses, so if these times don’t work for you, register your interest below to hear about future courses.

TopicDate (GMT)
Core session 1: Introduction, Attention & The NowWeds 2nd March
Core session 2: AutomaticityWeds 9th March
Core session 3: JudgmentWeds 16th March
Core session 4: AcceptanceWeds 23rd March
Core session 5: GoalsWeds 30th March
Core session 6: CompassionWeds 13th April
Core session 7: The EgoWeds 20th April
Core session 8: IntegrationWeds 27th April
Group coaching session 1Weds 18th May
Group coaching session 2Weds 6th July


Early Bird Price
  • Book your place before midnight on 6th February to get a 25% early bird discount.
  • From 7th February, the full price of £395 will apply.

What previous participants have said

“I hoped the course would support my mindfulness practice and help me to explore a range of ideas and techniques that might work for me, as in the past I’d found it very difficult to get started. The course absolutely exceeded my expectations. I’ve loved every minute of it.”

“The sessions were really engaging and you created an environment that felt very safe. The combination of theory, discussion and practice meant we could immediately start to see the effects, and it made that difficult step of going away and doing it on your own much easier.”

“It was the knowledge and the practice combined that made this course perfect for me, having already had some practical experience. The modules on goals and the ego especially built on the foundations of mindfulness I’d been exposed to, and helped me integrate and elevate my learning.”

“I didn’t quite realise how useful this course would be until I took it. Looking back I could see that much of my life was on autopilot and reactive. The course helps you to become more aware of what’s going on and make conscious proactive decisions about life going forward. I’d thoroughly recommend it.”


Will the live sessions be recorded?

You’ll get the most out of the course by attending the live sessions, but that may not always be possible. Core sessions will be recorded, and you can request a recording for a maximum of 2 missed sessions. Session recordings won’t be shared outside of the group. Group coaching sessions won’t be recorded.

I ask that everyone attends the first session so that the group can meet each other live before beginning to share their experiences throughout the course.

Will I need to have my camera on in sessions?

During Zoom sessions, I’ll ask everyone to have their cameras on for the presentation and group conversations, wherever possible. You’ll be invited to turn your cameras and microphones off during meditations.

How much homework practice is there?

Each of the core sessions involve homework practice to complete before the next session. This will often include mindfulness activities to practise daily. This should take around 15-30 minutes each day.

Register your interest to hear about future courses

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