I’m lucky enough to have done work that made my heart sing. That challenged me just the right amount, to help me grow and achieve things I never thought I would. That built my confidence and wellbeing, rather than undermine it.

But I’m also one of many who’s experienced the darker side of working life. A sense of meaninglessness. Stress and anxiety. Conflict with other parts of my life. And the fear that comes with taking the leap to change all of that.

As a coach, I help people to thrive in their work.

Whether you want to change your job, navigate a career transition, or work on your own ’stuff’ that holds you back, I’d love to help.

If you’re interested in finding out more, feel free to get in touch.

“My coaching session helped me to start to make sense of what I’ve been feeling by framing it in a way I hadn’t considered before. Heather is very easy to open up to, and intuitively got that the issues were deeper than what I’d initially brought to the session. Thank you!”


“I was nervous about attending my first coaching session but Heather quickly put me at my ease and the conversation flowed. She asked lots of searching questions, questions I’d never really taken the time to ask myself before. I came to the session naively expecting a coach to provide the answers and strategies to deal with my issue but in fact Heather helped me to realise that with a little bit of time and thought I can find my own solutions.”


“I wasn’t really sure what to expect (as I had never done life coaching before), but I think the overall results speak for themselves. I am able to deal with my current situation (lack of work and lack of motivation) better than if I hadn’t had my sessions with Heather. I have been able to accept certain aspects that are out of my control and just allow the situation to work itself out without getting depressed. Heather has been really invaluable in helping me ‘re-think’, with her abilities to listen and understand the core issues that have held me back. Heather was able to build trust very quickly, enabling me to open up and use the tools and strategies to effective use. Thank you Heather.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.


“I was looking for a sounding board to help me explore my new reality as a working mother and how I could strike a better balance, and Heather was a valuable support through the first few months of my return to work. I really valued her ability to listen to what I was saying and pick out nuggets to hone in on that I would not have noticed or thought of as significant at the time, but when pointed out and questioned, turned out to be significant and helped take me down paths that revealed new meaning and answers for me. I feel better able to cope, both with some strategies and exercises to proactively address my mental attitude, and to explore what I love to do and what motivates me. Having had the headspace and dedicated time to talk about where my head is at and explore some of the things that are bothering me has been really useful in giving time and space for those things to be the focus, and to then be able to leave that hour slot feeling clearer and like I’ve given order to some little chaos that was taking up my attention and energy, so I can move on to focus on other things.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.


“I had been feeling really anxious about work, but Heather created a space where I felt safe and in-control. She made overwhelming issues feel tangible and manageable by breaking them down and helping me work through them bit-by-bit. I’d describe coaching as a very helpful and empowering way to work through problems when you aren’t sure where to start or can’t face engaging with them. I feel much more confident and less insecure in relation to my new project at work, and generally more confident in approaching problems at work rather than hiding from them!”

Rating: 5 out of 5.


“I have just completed my first six coaching sessions with Heather and her support has been invaluable. Having been made redundant earlier in the year, I was feeling very overwhelmed and did not know how to move forward with my job search, especially in the middle of a pandemic when the job market is so challenging. Job hunting can be lonely and stressful and you always have loads of thoughts and ideas running through your head. Heather helped me talk through what was happening for me and make sense of it, allowing me to move forward with more clarity and confidence. It also kept me motivated and gave me a sense of momentum. She was patient and supportive throughout but also challenging when she needed to be. Some of my biggest insights came when she took me out of my comfort zone and really challenged my thinking. I am very pleased to be starting a new job shortly and I am planning to continue my coaching with Heather to support my transition back to work.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.


“I was recommended Heather while I was planning a change in career. I was told that she is a wonderful person and I can testify that not only is she incredibly empathetic, but also talented in coaching. My hope from coaching was to find myself in a better place than when I started. In particular I was very worried about how to tell my career change story. I now feel much more comfortable with how I tell the story about my change in career, and I feel excited about what is ahead.

I am already telling people about my experience and I say that it would be very useful to whoever wishes to find some insight about their career. I thoroughly recommend Mind & Co and I see myself having more sessions with Heather in the non-distant future.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.


“I’ve worked with Heather a few times over the years. Her coaching has been really invaluable in a few areas; she focused my thinking on creating real tangible goals for my future, helped me to pivot my career into a new area which really accelerated my development, and worked with me through the inevitable imposter syndrome that came with that switch.

What I’ve liked most about my sessions with Heather is her ability to mirror and clearly articulate what’s going on internally which created so much self-awareness for me. She has an excellent way of repackaging my own, sometimes confusing, thoughts in a way that helps to question any unhelpful thinking patterns and find a new way forward. Heather is a gifted, caring and intuitive listener – I left every session feeling heard, equipped with the next steps and topics to reflect on for next time.

I would recommend Heather to anyone who maybe feels a bit unsure of what’s next – whether that be within their current role or looking forwards to their next career move.”


If you want to find out more about coaching, or how I could help you, I’d love to chat.

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