Building a Feedback Culture to Drive Development

As individuals and organisations, we’re often looking to develop ourselves in some way. Whether we’re an individual learning a new skill, or an organisation building a new product, feedback is invaluable for ensuring we develop as effectively and efficiently as possible. The data we derive from feedback provides a sense of how we’re currently performing... Continue Reading →

Sorry, Not Sorry

How many times a day do you say sorry? Whilst the exact number might not instantly spring to your mind, thankfully someone else has done some research for us. A 2011 survey of over 1,000 Brits found that many of us say ‘sorry’ up to 8 times a day, which equates to 2,920 times a... Continue Reading →

Awesome Candidate Experience Design

The war for talent, far from being over, is fiercer than ever. With unemployment at a four-decade low, and advertised role vacancies increasing, talented candidates can afford to be choosy. Given the reliance on talent for their success, it’s no wonder that many organisations are now choosing to compete for their talent just as hard... Continue Reading →

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