What will I get out of it?

This week, I’ve had a question from a few generous people who’ve tried to help me with marketing my mindfulness course: “what outcomes can people expect?”.

I totally get it. I personally used to find it really difficult to invest in myself with things like this. And it was even harder if I didn’t know exactly what I might get out of it!

But, here’s why I’m going against all sensible marketing advice and resisting guaranteeing specific outcomes.

I don’t believe anyone can, in good conscience, guarantee a specific outcome from a mindfulness course (or indeed, any self-development course like this).

One reason is that what you get from it depends on what you put into it. If you attend live sessions, do the homework practices, and engage with others in our online community, you’ll get infinitely more out of it than if you don’t put any time or effort into it. I’m sorry, but it’s true! You play a crucial role in determining the outcomes you get.

The second reason is that people get fairly diverse benefits from the course. We’ll deep dive into seven different elements of mindfulness, looking at multiple aspects of how we think and why we feel or behave the way we do. Some parts of what we cover will resonate with you, and your unique experiences and challenges, more than others. When I asked previous participants what their main benefits were from the course, one said “I imagine you’ll get diverse answers to this, because it’s very personal to where people are”. He was spot on.

So below, I’ve shared examples of what previous participants got from the course. Exactly what you could get from it, and what it would mean for you and your life going forwards, will be unique.

What previous participants have got from the course:

  • “It’s been very rare that I’ve had a negative voice in my head, and I’ve actually been enjoying change.”
  • “It helped me stand back and review my life objectively and then, without judgement, and with self compassion and acceptance of past decisions, to plan going forward.”
  • “I’m less judgmental, and not so caught up in my ego.”
  • “I am far more aware of my thoughts and emotions and am working on accepting them without feeling the need to challenge or change them. Rather than seeing them as good or bad I am trying to just allow them to ‘be’ so that I am kinder to myself.”
  • “I have learnt to try and be less dependent upon external validation, appreciation or recognition.”
  • “I got a real insight into how I approached certain issues, which I’d sometimes had a vague awareness of, but never properly explored why, or how I might change that.”
  • “You’re armed with everything you need to create change that works for you. It’s so much more than breathing exercises and meditation – although that’s a great part of it too!”

If it helps, I’m more than happy to have a chat about what you’re looking for and whether the course might be a good fit for you. Just get in touch 🙂

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