My Top Tip

I was recently asked for my ‘Top Tip’ as a coach.

Here it is:

Treat yourself as you would a good friend.

I’m aware that the phrase ’top tip’ might make this sound easy. For many of us, it’s not. It might even be a life’s work.

But imagine what life could be like if you treated yourself this way.

  • If you spoke to yourself with understanding and compassion.
  • If when you were sad, you let yourself talk it out, instead of saying ‘get a grip’.
  • If you called yourself out on your bullshit with love and humour, instead of judgement.
  • If you knew you weren’t perfect, and you loved yourself anyway.

We can be incredibly hard on ourselves. It’s great that we want to be our best, to push ourselves. But we don’t have to be our own worst enemy to do that. In fact, I’m pretty sure it makes it a whole lot harder.

If this resonates with you, another tip:

Don’t be too hard on yourself for being too hard on yourself…

Instead, try pausing and asking: ‘how would I want to treat a good friend in this situation?’

We are our constant companion. How we talk to ourselves is important.

Photo by Andrea Tummons on Unsplash.

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